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A little History


Juan Jaime's was inspired by the taco carts that line the streets thoughout Mexico.   A gathering place for all walks of life to come together and enjoy one of lifes finer gifts.  The taco! 


The first Juan Jaime's opened in July of 2007 in Chandler, Arizona.  It evolved slightly with additional Mexican fare yet it held tightly to its roots.    In January 2010 the second Juan Jaime's opened in North Scottsdale.   Sadly, in May of 2022 after nearly 15 years of business we decided to close the Chandler location and focus our efforts on the Scottsdale store.  The Scottsdale location has the same menu and is locally owned and operated.  We hope to open another Juan Jaime's one day in the South-East Valley.  


About the food


Only the highest quality ingredients are used to create our various menu items.  The meats are marinated utilizing a rub made from New Mexico Chiles, Fresh Garlic, Cumin, Oregano, Salt and Citrus.   This gives it a rich flavor just like that of the homeland. 


Our salsas are all made in house and range from Mild to Hot.  We offer a salsa bar where you can dress your tacos with as little or as much heat as you prefer. 


About the drink


The Margarita is a Mexican classic and we believe this drink should not be taken lightly.  Since day one we have made our own Margarita mix from scratch.  It is made on site utilizing fresh lemon juice, fresh lime juice and just the right amount of sugar and water. 

For those looking for something with less calories we also make a "Skinny" Margarita. 


Whatever you choose you are sure to enjoy one of these delicious Mexican Cocktails. 

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